Why Businesses Need More Than a Cell Phone

dropped call imageAccording to ChangeWave Research’s April Survey, major cellular providers all experience reported dropped calls to some level. The highest percentage belongs to AT&T, who over the past 90 days experiences a a 4.6% drop rate. Verizon, true to their campaigns, has a reported dropped call rate of 1.4% over the same period. The ChangeWave survey may not give the full picture as this is a customer survey, not hard data. There is an app for that with AT&T (Mark the Spot -Apple) launched in 2009, which could explain AT&T’s higher numbers in a customer survey. As we are left to wonder if the numbers across the board are actually higher than customers may report, businesses need to consider tools to get around coverage and call issues. VoIP solutions, like 3CX Phone System, can solve some of the issues related to limited call availability, quality, and provide alternatives to problematic dropped call areas.

The key benefit of 3CX Phone System paired with SIP Trunks is the ability to use the 3CXPhone App on smart phones, laptops, computers, and other devices. Along with the 3CX desktop software 3CX MyPhone, users can access their work extension using internet connection that may be more reliable than the cellular connection at a given location. The desktop application also allows for advanced call routing, internal instant messaging, and user status updates that can allow employees greater availability and access to resources when outside of the office.

3CX Phone System is making it into enterprises replacing legacy systems and beating out more costly proprietary systems (see Large Enterprises Benefit from 3CX Phone System). At a 3CX conference in March,   Star Tribune presented on their decision to install 3CX to handle over 1,000 users (3CX Partner Training in Chicago a Huge Success). Smaller businesses and multi-location businesses can also benefit from 3CX deployments. The ability to host extensions across internet connections can reduce dependency upon cell phones and multiple carriers. The savings and capability of 3CX are clear. What often becomes a roadblock to all new systems and tools is encouraging people to use it (Tips for Encouraging Softphone Adoption).

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