Wireless LAN Market Thriving

Infonetics Research Graph of Top Wireless LAN Equipment VendorsInfonetics Research recently released highlights from its its second quarter (2Q11) Wireless LAN Equipment and WiFi Phones market share report. The report claims the Wireless LAN equipment market hit its record high in the second quarter of 2011! The growth is attributed chiefly to the need businesses face to keep pace with the increased number of wireless enabled devices being used by employees on a daily basis. Perhaps the biggest take-away is that North America had the strongest performance, driven by high smartphone penetration and tablet (e.g. iPad) adoption.

If your company recently purchased a Cisco wireless router or device to support more of your WiFi enabled devices, you chose to go with the industry leader. However, discussions with many of our IP Phone vendors is showing great interest to turn towards wireless and WiFi, which means you may be in need of more WiFi bandwidth shortly. IT departments love WiFi devices for several reasons as well, such as not having to crawl under somebody’s desk to find the Cat-5 that just dropped back there.

There is a greater issue with security. WiFi systems have long been know as problematic and Wireless devices are set to become a greater source of security risks as more data flows to them. Last spring I wrote some tips for using free WiFi. Here is a link to PC World’s Q&A on Securing Your WiFi Network. From the look of the market, many people need to study up on wireless security.

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