Grandstream GXP2100 Review

Grandstream GXP2100 HD IP PhoneIt’s easy to get into video phones for the desktop these days(Why use video?), but the Grandstream GXP2100 is a solid SIP device with a functional back-end worth mentioning for companies looking to update their phone system or add new SIP compliant devices to their open platform phone system. Grandstream recently sent me a GXP2100 and the GXP1450 to show to clients and get familiar with. These phones are more affordable than other SIP devices and boast some high quality perks not seen in some competing SIP phones.

While the GXP1450 also has a strong back-end GUI and integrates easily into the company network, the GXP2100 boasts a larger screen and a few more perks, like XML screen control to customize screen options and include weather updates, logos and more. Grandstream describes it as a 4 line enterprise grade IP phone. It has a 180×90 backlit graphical LCD, 3 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys, and 7 XML programmable BLF extension keys. The dual network ports with integrated PoE, and 5-way conference capability make it a perfect desk phone for an entry to mid-level executive.

It also delivers superior HD audio quality, which can make quite a difference. I’m not sure how to explain it, but switching back to my normal desk phone created a real sense of distance in my conversations. The phone’s design has taken some steps forward as well. It feels and looks more professional than the 2009 GXP2000 I used for at least a year before upgrading.

Though I want to applaud the Grandstream back-end, which has taken some major leaps; it still feels a bit rough to me as a web developer. Long pages with lots of slightly inter-related options makes it simple to navigate the menu, but a pain to edit and understand the options. The techies around the office did not mind it at all, but acknowledge it is not their favorite either.

Overall, this is a strong enterprise starter desk phone that is easy to integrate into SIP environments. Now bring on the video!

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