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3CX Softphone on a Laptop

Given that there are great number of video phones coming to market, that numerous meeting applications now stress the availability of video, and that video conferencing has played a large role in enterprise communications for many years, this post seems redundant. However, many of the business leaders I speak with seem to consider video an option best left in the boardroom, not shared throughout the organization. I hear comments including a lack of client or customer availability, hardware prices, and even belief that video communications is too difficult to implement.

This will be a short post: wrong, wrong, and wrong. Laptops and cellphones come standard with video cameras these days. Customers and clients are becoming familiar with video through Google, AOL Instant Messenger, Windows Instant Messenger, and Skype. The 3CX Phone System includes a 3CX Softphone that supports video. In fact, I used it for 3 months over basic VDSL from Paris, France without problems. Any of your clients with a computer built in the last 2 years probably has the capability and know-how to use video.

Video devices supporting SIP including desktop phones (see this post on Grandstream) are more and more affordable, often available in the same price range as the leading brands basic desk phone solutions. The same is true of business surveillance solutions as Grandstream shows.

Overall, these phones and desktop applications are reliable and with a quality VOIP phone system installation, easy to add to your system. Experience shows that with proper connectivity, the sound and video quality is far better than the average cellular plan. So the real question is, why not have video available to clients who need your people to show them something?

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