Affordable Telepresence

videophone with President ObamaSIP Trunks have changed the telecommunications landscape considerably by reducing costs and increasing capabilities. Now if only government organizations would make a leap to affordable IP Phone Systems! A recent article by Federal Computer Week claimed “videoconferencing slow to gain ground in government“, which is an adoption issue that is costing Americans money. A poll recently released by Telework Exhchange found that despite a presidential mandate and potential to save billions of dollars yearly, only around a third of employees are taking advantage of it. Of those polled, the biggest obstacles listed were tools and bandwidth. Well, seeing as we all want lower costs and especially lower taxes, here are some tools and tips to help with those issues:

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When Clients Find the Wrong Number

online directoriesThere is a lot of competition in online directories right now. Traditional listings providers, like the Yellow Pages, and a number of aggressive start-ups looking to create profitable online directories are eager to add businesses and information. The links and other data provided should be good for your business, right?

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Where Have All the Telecoms Gone?

Voice Is Now Part of IT, and It Needs to be Sold That Way

- Scott Schreiman, CEO Kerio Technologies, Inc

jitter imageI certainly wish I could honestly ask about the existence of Telecoms right now. Unfortunately, the market has been slow to understand the end-result of the shift to VoIP services, especially SIP. I only wish there were more voices making it clear that the paradigm shift has happened. And that it’s a good thing. Then I came across this post by Scott Schreiman¬†(link) on selling voice.

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A Facebook Phone

facebook smartphoneBusiness Insider recently posted against Facebook‘s potential plans to build a smartphone (NY Times Article) claiming it to be a defensive, expensive, and poorly thought through idea that should scare investors. However, there may be a way that the folks at Facebook could make a big splash in the market place while staying inline with their strengths and improving their offerings. My idea has to do with fully embracing an open protocol, SIP Trunking, in the cellular market. Continue reading

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Why Businesses Need More Than a Cell Phone

dropped call imageAccording to ChangeWave Research’s April Survey, major cellular providers all experience reported dropped calls to some level. The highest percentage belongs to AT&T, who over the past 90 days experiences a a 4.6% drop rate. Verizon, true to their campaigns, has a reported dropped call rate of 1.4% over the same period. The ChangeWave survey may not give the full picture as this is a customer survey, not hard data. There is an app for that with AT&T (Mark the Spot -Apple) launched in 2009, which could explain AT&T’s higher numbers in a customer survey. As we are left to wonder if the numbers across the board are actually higher than customers may report, businesses need to consider tools to get around coverage and call issues. VoIP solutions, like 3CX Phone System, can solve some of the issues related to limited call availability, quality, and provide alternatives to problematic dropped call areas.

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